Monday, April 20, 2009

Best Way to Train a Dog

How to Train My Dog to Do Agility??????

Does your Dog hide when new people come along?

Is your dog timid roughly round people or other dogs?

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Is your dog tender to sounds?

Here you'll find out how to train your Dog to Stay-obedience dog training-stay in the yard.

Agility training can Offer the surroundings and body structure to build trust,assurance & confidence in your dog.

Agility courses & classes are an exceptional place for people to learn about the sport and learn how to train their dogs, but the shy and unsure dog may take a long time before he is ready to embark from below your chair or off your lap.

A shy dog can only learn inside their comfort zone. So, training must begin where they feel safe and their demeanours must be taught in really little increase.Meaning,that you begin your train and increase it little by little until you feel that their behavior is changing.They're no more that shy dogs.

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Your dog will love to be trained at home where he feel comfortable,and that's where it'll start.

So, how do you train at home?

You will need guidelines and equipment. There is a lot of websites that can give you selective information on agility training. One of the best websites that we recommended is:

There are also Tapes,Books and Videos that will give inside information and visual assists and lesson plans for newbies thru expert levels.

There is an assortment of equipment that is useful and helpful to have at home. Equipment recommendations are established on your useable space and location of training.

Do you have a big huge yard that will hold 13 obstacles or more?????

Do you have a small yard where you will need to assemble your equipment and then tear down before you can setup again?

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Will you be training in your garage or basement, or as some agility addicts, in your living room.
For these shy dogs make certain your equipment is good,secure and tough. The suspension table is a good place to begin your agility training.

A 12” high suspension table, with adjustable legs for later use, is a good starting place for all size dogs. Remember with your shy dog, setup your table in an area that is very close to your dog.

If your dog barks at anything new, just leave your suspension table in your house or yard for a week or two, let your dog inspect and smell it on his own or with a little coaxing, but don’t push to fast, remember always to take baby steps with the insecure dog.

With treats in a dish or his favorite toy placed on the table encourage your dog to get up on the table. This may take more than one lesson, be patient.Never give up.Do it with Love

If your timid dog looses interest in food or toys when you attempt something new, trying holding him and you sit on the table. If your dog is too big to hold, have him on leash and you sit on the table.

If he backs away coax him, only treat or reward him when he comes to you, never when he’s pulling back away from you or the table.

Eventually, you want your dog to be able to jump on the table with your cue word, “Table”, “Box”, “Kennel”, whatever word you use, Stay on the table as you back away and then Come when you call. Build your distance slowly so that your dog is not pushed to soon.

From the suspension Table to Contact Trainer is a nice transition for shy dog. A Contact Trainer comes in different designs.

We recommend a 3-Piece Contact Trainer that has one mini A-frame side, a suspension Table, and then a mini Dog-walk side.

Your dog can Sit on the table and then be coaxed down the A-frame side or the Dog-walk side. Just remember with the shy dog, training is done in small growths, slowly and comfortably, with a little push to add more to him, but not enough to overwhelm him.

You can follow the above techniques introducing new obstacles as your dog is able to succeed. As your dog succeeds on each new piece of equipment you will see his confidence grow.
Always do it with LOVE.Be PATIENT with them.You'll be rewarded later for your hard work.Believe me.I'am a dog owner and I went through that already.
Good Luck!!!!